Indy Cars

These open wheel cars are fun and challenging. These cars run stock everything.  We swap the body out for the modified class. No other changes are needed.


The same identical car as the above Indy car. We just swap the body. Two classes with one car.

Two classes with one car.


This is the fastest class we race. Several modifications can be made. Light weight, fast motors.  Fun and very challenging. 

The Retro Classes.

Flexi Nascar

Perfect class for beginner and advanced drivers.  The cars run perfect right out of the box.  No modifications allowed so everyone is running the same setup.

Racing at Dallas Slot Cars.

Races are time based. There are 8 lanes. Each heat is 3 minutes long. There are 3 minute intervals between each heat.  Every racer runs every lane one time.  A round robin is used when there is more than 8 racers. Racers use a colored lane sticker to designate what lane the car is running.

We race two classes every other Saturday starting at 10:30am, with a 30 min break between races.  Entry fee is $20 per car. 

​We always have new guys joining us for the fun. Don't hesitate to come play with us!

Retro F1 and Retro Can Am are based off the brass slot cars from the 60's.

There are weight minimums. 

The cars must use the same gearing and motors.

The F1 open wheel is tricky and fun to drive.

​The Can Am is faster with more downforce.